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“Always At The Scene” — NCT Surprisingly “Spotted” At The Location Of A Real Crime

The crime made national news!

With as many members as NCT has, it is not a surprise that the group have come to have a chaotic and humorous image with fans.

NCT | @NCTsmtown/X

The group’s personalities aid in this, from Taeyong‘s silly and “chronically online” behaviors on his TikTok to WayV sharing their frequent bowel issues.


Bow bow bow bow bow

♬ Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad) – Sexyy Red

NCTzens are also known for being hilariously laidback on “issues,” including joking about members being discovered with vapes or smoking.

Because of these things, the number of fandom jokes is massive, including one of NCT always being “present” at the “crime scene.” This phrase refers to when one subject unrelated to an issue is somehow involved without actually being involved.

Recently, these jokes were made into reality by an actual crime being committed!

Over the last few days, multiple news sources have reported on a building in downtown LA being covered in graffiti. The building, known as the Oceanwide Plaza, was originally set to open in 2020, but due to internal issues, it has remained incomplete.

Locals have had varying reactions to the street art, with many appreciating the new look the abandoned building has been given. This includes sharing their own photos of the graffitied building like content creator Jericho did in a post made on X.

However, many K-Pop fans couldn’t help but notice one part of the street art looked very familiar.

The graffiti was placed along the edge of one building, with each floor receiving a piece of art. Along the lower part of the building, the letters N, C, and T can be seen across three floors.

| @tomnakanishi/X

Defacing property with graffiti in Los Angeles is illegal and can result in fines and even jail time if the damage costs over $400 USD.

Naturally, NCT fans have reacted with humor over the group being at the scene of an actual crime. To make the situation even funnier, NCT 127 have a song called “Skyscraper,” and the building is 27 floors.

In reality, the NCT, in this case, likely stands for “Nightmares Come True,” an LA-based street graffiti crew.




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