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An NCTzen Fought With Her Boyfriend Because Of NCT’s Haechan And He Had The Most Romantic Response

He drank that y/n Koolaid.

Idols have had some adorable interactions with fans’ significant others all along. Most of the time, these interactions or little moments come about during fansigns, where the fan and idol can spend a few minutes chatting. MONSTA X‘s Joohoney once asked a fan where her husband was while she was having a call with him.

GOT7‘s BamBam once wrote a short letter to a fan’s husband-to-be after hearing that she was going to get married. The sweet letter warned the husband to take care of his precious fan.

At a recent fansign for NCT 127, a fan playfully told on her boyfriend to Haechan. She had ended up fighting with her boyfriend as she traveled around South Korea to see NCT 127. As NCT 127 is in the midst of their fansign tours around the country, fans have been following them across the country via train and bus. The extended time spent on the boys meant that she could not see her boyfriend as often for the time being.

As I was going around to see NCT 127, I couldn’t meet my boyfriend and so we fought. I asked Haechan if it was me who did wrong or my boyfriend, and he immediately said it was my boyfriend’s fault as soon as he heard that, and wrote this, telling me to go and show it to him. I said sure thing and asked him to send a Bubble while singing a song. Hope he remembers to.

— @ddoixk

What Haechan had written on the album turned out to be the sweetest message ever!

Hey you! [OP] is mine. Don’t touch her.

— Haechan

OP might have been joking when she blamed her boyfriend but we’re 100% certain that if we saw that message, we’d claim ourselves as Haechan’s and not our partner’s! Swoon.




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