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BLACKPINK Fans Couldn’t Stop Praising Rosé When She Landed In Paris—But It Wasn’t Just Because Of Her Visuals

There are many reasons to love her!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is continuing to receive love from fans all over the world!


On September 27, she arrived in Paris, France, to get ready for the Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week show to be held the next day. As their brand ambassador, she frequently attends their events dressed to impress.

It was no different this time when she stepped down from the plane in a cute yellow sweater by Japanese brand H Beauty and Youth, driving fans wild with her mere presence! The lucky BLINKs who were able to see her shared photographic evidence online of just how stunning she is in real life.

When standing only a foot away, her visuals were undeniably top-notch. Her clear skin, symmetrical features, and kind aura were emphasized in the close-up shots.

BLINKs commented that she was “so pretty” and “fresh” in the unedited pictures.

Besides her gorgeous visuals, they were also appreciative of her fanservice. Rosé proved in small ways exactly how dedicated she is to her supporters. Even though she had just spent hours on an airplane, she still happily approached the fans waiting for her without a hint of fatigue or frustration.

She patiently signed the papers and BLACKPINK albums coming from the crowd.

She also paused for selfies when asked, wearing a bright smile and paying close attention to the ones talking to her.

When it comes to fanservice, she doesn’t disappoint!




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