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BLACKPINK Had A Great Time Performing The Explicit Version Of “Tally” During “BORN PINK” In Seoul And Fans Are Here For It

BLACKPINK seem to love it just as much as BLINKs!

BLACKPINK have proven yet again how bad*ss they are during their BORN PINK world tour opening show in Seoul by performing an unexpected song from their latest album BORN PINK.

BLACKPINK | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the Seoul concerts for BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK world tour to hear songs that the group have not yet performed. The group’s last world tour concert took place in 2020, and the group have since released multiple singles and a full album containing eight brand new songs.

Flyer for BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK concerts in Seoul. 

While the concert was full of plenty of iconic moments like Rosé‘s solo stages…

…and Jisoo‘s beautiful cover of Camila Cebello‘s “Liar”…

…there’s one performance that fans can’t seem to get enough of.

The group performed their song “Tally” a track that previously shocked netizens due to its explicit lyrics. Fans seem to especially love the chorus, where Rosé is the first to show off the “IDGAF” attitude that the song holds.

I say ‘fuck it’ when I feel it
‘Cause no one’s keepin’ tally
I do what I want with who I like
I ain’t gon’ conceal it
While you talkin’ all that shit

— Rosé

It seems like Jennie was particularly excited to sing her verse, running back to the stage to make sure she hit her mark.

Sometimes, I like to go play dirty
Just like all of the fuck boys do.

— Jennie

The other members also sang the chorus with all of them truly embodying what the song stands for. Fans especially loved all the Jennie and Lisa moments that the song caused!

BLINKs have been loving hearing this song performed live and seeing the group truly have fun on stage.

Check out more iconic moments from BLACKPINK’s first day of BORN PINK in Seoul below:

10+ Must See Moments From BLACKPINK’s First Day Of Their “BORN PINK” World Tour




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