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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Cements Her Influence After A Viral Photo Op Has To Be Removed

The poster in Shanghai became a popular spot for fans!

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s influence has been shown after a poster of the idol had to be taken down because it became a viral photo op for fans.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie is an ambassador for TAMBURINS and has wowed netizens with her pictorials for the brand.

Recently, photos of a Jennie poster for TAMBURINS in China have been shared. It seems to have become a hot spot for people to take photos as large crowds were seen near the stunning photo.

The ad in Shanghai with crowds wanting to take photos | @mafavarchive/Twitter

In particular, a video shared on Weibo showed lines of fans on the opposite road trying to take pictures with the Jennie advertisement.


Along with the video, netizens shared the photos of fans with the Jennie advertisement.

| @at_lyle/Twitter

In particular, a fan shared a photo of a BLACKPINK car in front of the advertisement.

Not long after the advertisement had become a hot photo opportunity, one person shared that the poster had been taken down.

Help! Jennie is gone~
I wanted to come take pics tonight since there’s not a lot of people around
But they took the poster down~ * cries * Those who wanted to come tomorrow, take note.

— OP

When the picture was shared, netizens believed that it was because of the huge crowds on the streets and how popular it had become that the poster had to be taken down. In particular, in another post, the same OP shared their thoughts on it being taken down because it was too “Popular.”

After the news was shared online, netizens couldn’t believe Jennie’s impact.

Yet, it’s not the first time a photo of Jennie for the brand has become a viral photo opportunity. Influencers and fans of Jennie all took to the streets to take a photo with a Jennie TAMBURIN advertisement, showcasing her influence.

| @maaria_wang/Instagram
| @susieliu_/Instagram
| @xxdingr/Instagram

As always, Jennie’s influence never ceases to shock fans. Even with a small poster, Jennie managed to cause enough chaos that it needed to be removed, proving why brands love her as an ambassador.

You can read more about “viral” photo op places with Jennie in China below.

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