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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Drops Her Biggest Beauty Secret Before An Event

This is how she gets flawless skin and a slim face!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently vlogged her trip to France for Paris Fashion Week and showcased the ways she prepares for such a big event.

She had a fitting at CHANEL to decide on the outfit she would wear to the fashion show, along with the shoes, accessories, and any finishing touches to the look.

She also had some fun meeting fans and opening cute gifts they gave her!

However, an unexpected part is that Jennie isn’t afraid to eat at her favorite udon noodle shop the day before the show.

You might think this would lead to being swollen the next day, but she revealed her beauty secret to combat this effect from salty foods.

Before getting ready, she gave herself an ice water facial. This helps deal with facial bloating.

This isn’t the first time Jennie has done this: She does it for many of her important events, including the Met Gala. First, she gets a cold facial massage. Then, she dunks her face in the bowl of ice water.

For Paris Fashion Week, she was going after a “punky” vibe with her look, it was essential to emphasize her facial features with bold makeup and minimize her facial bloating to make her features stand out even more.

In the end, it gave her a slim and chiseled face that made the perfect base for her look!

Watch the full video below!




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