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Heartbroken 4th-Gen Idol Apologises For Covering SHINee Taemin’s “Guilty” After Harsh Criticism

“Sigh… I tried the best that I can, but…”

OnlyOneOf‘s Nine has unexpectedly found himself at the center of controversy following his cover of SHINee Taemin‘s hit single “Guilty.” The performance, which took place during OnlyOneOf’s latest concert in Seoul, showcased Nine’s take on both the song’s vocals and its viral choreography.

OnlyOneOf’s Nine | 8D Entertainment

“Guilty” has become a popular choice for covers among young idols, riding the wave of its widespread acclaim on platforms like TikTok and live performances. Taemin’s songs have historically been a favorite among idols for covers, given their intricate choreography and vocal challenges, so this hasn’t come as a surprise.

SHINee’s Taemin | SM Entertainment

However, Nine’s rendition did not sit well with a segment of Taemin’s fan base. Some SHINee fans accused the OnlyOneOf member of disrespecting Taemin by allegedly using a version of the song not sung by Taemin or himself, leading to confusion over the attribution of the cover.

Furthermore, other fans expressed discomfort with what they perceived as an “oversexualization” of the original choreography. This harsh criticism ignited a flurry of backlash against Nine, sparking a debate among fans accusing him and those defending the idol.

In response, fans of OnlyOneOf accused SHINee fans of using homophobic slurs towards Nine, while others have condemned those who brought down Nine’s dancing and singing.

After seemingly having seen the online discourse and backlash, Nine took to Bubble to issue an apology to his fans and the wider audience. The idol’s message was filled with disappointment and upset, all while expressing his deep admiration for Taemin and his work.

Sigh… I tried the best that I can but I realized that some people may think of it in a different way. I need to be more careful in the future. Wookjin-ah… I can’t even match 1/4 of Taemin-nim, so I wrote Taemin-nim’s song in my own way after contemplating how to rearrange and record it. I wanted it to sound as best as possible, so I listened to the original tract so many times. I will become the Nine who continues to do his very best .. as Taemin sunbaenim’s big big big big big fan.

— Nine via Bubble

Screenshot 2024-03-12 151538
Nine on Bubble | Bubble


Fans have since been rallying behind Nine, proving those who accused him of disrespecting Taemin wrong. You can watch Nine’s full cover of “Guilty” here:



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