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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Turns Heads With Her Unique Outfit For Chanel’s Fashion Show In Paris

Jennie is the “Main Event.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is currently in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. Since becoming an ambassador for Chanel, the idol has always had beautiful looks when it comes to attending shows.




Jennie recently traveled to Paris for the Chanel show, and netizens loved spotting the idol enjoying some time in the city.

On March 5, the day of the big show arrived, and BLINKs were ready on social media to hype up the idol’s arrival, making sure Jennie trended on social media.

After netizens waited, Jennie finally made her appearance, and while the first videos only showcased a glimpse of the idol’s look…

One netizen in attendance got the most beautiful and HQ video of the idol entering. The black dress was truly a change in style from most of Jennie’s past Chanel looks but combined elegance, sexiness, and a hint of cuteness from the different textures and shapes. With her hair pinned up, the details completed the outfit and made her stand out in the streets of Paris.

| @hvmangucci/Twitter

As Jennie got into the iconic venue, media outlets were quick to share more videos of the idol in the beautiful outfit.

While the dress itself was quite simple, it was the small details and, of course, Jennie’s visuals that allowed the look to shine.

When the photos and videos were posted, netizens couldn’t hide how much they loved the entire look. Although the dress could seem simple, everything came together.

As always, Jennie never fails to make an impact as Chanel’s ambassador, and her outfit for this show is truly legendary.

You can read more about her attendance below.

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