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NCT Taeyong’s Conversation When Planning His Music Video Sparks Anger Among Netizens

“Are you not embarrassed SM Entertainment?”

A clip from NCT Taeyong‘s behind-the-scenes video has angered netizens after watching a conversation with his director, sparking complaints about SM Entertainment mistreating the idol.

NCT’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Taeyong recently released his second mini-album, TAP, with the title track of the same name.

After the success of the track, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when the idol shared moments from the whole process of putting the album together. Taeyong put his heart and soul into the project, and it could be seen from his passion when talking to those who would help him.

When it came to creating the music video, Taeyong said he wanted a scene that looked spacious.

The director then explained that if that happened, he had to go alone or with one other person, explaining that there would be no manager or stylist with him.

Taeyong accepted it graciously.

While some fans pointed out that it could be due to the location of filming, others shared their thoughts because, for netizens, it seemed like a series of mistreatment for the idol when it came to his solo promotions. The director’s bluntness and Taeyong’s reaction of seemingly accepting the conditions angered netizens.

Also with news of contract renewals within SHINee, netizens are sharing their views on SM Entertainment even more.

Many fans believe Taeyong didn’t get the right support and promotions for an album that he worked extremely hard on.




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