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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Cements Herself “Global Queen” Status After Traveling To Japan For A Cartier Event Only Days After The 2022 VMAs

The past week has been a whirlwind for the members of BLACKPINK.

After making history at the recent VMAs, it wouldn’t be surprising if the members wanted to take some time off. However, that couldn’t be less true for member Jisoo who has cemented herself as a global icon after traveling for various schedules.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram   

After traveling to America last week, the members of BLACKPINK were preparing for the VMAs. It was a fantastic event for the group. From the minute they walked onto the carpet, they stole the hearts of fans with their fashion.

BLACKPINK at the VMAs | @MTV/Twitter

They then made history by winning an award. If that wasn’t enough, they then went on stage and captured the hearts of netizens with their performance of “Pink Venom.”

BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” VMA Performance | @MTV/YouTube

| @MTV/YouTube 

After a long few days, the members returned, and Jisoo was one of the first to arrive back at Incheon Airport. Dressed in more casual wear, Jisoo was happy and cheerful with fans, despite the long journey. She treated the fans to some adorable aegyo and received some well-deserved love.


Yet, not even 24 hours after returning to Korea, Jisoo was back at Incheon Airport, and this time, she was going to Japan for a Cartier event. Even after a hectic few days, Jisoo looked beautiful and elegant as she made her way through the airport in an elegant and more casual look.

| Newsen/YouTube

She even managed to take some time to chat to BLINKs on Weverse Live through a live broadcast.

The idol eventually arrived in Japan, and the next time many BLINKs saw her was at the Japan Cartier pop-up store. The idol looked beautiful in a simple but elegant black dress. Getting out of the car, the idol looked like a movie star with her dazzling visuals.


Although there isn’t much content from the event, model SHUZO shared a video with the idol, and Jisoo looked adorable in her outfit and next to the much larger Japanese model.

Any normal person would want a break and demand some time off. Yet, Jisoo always showcases her true professionalism and desire to fulfill all of her commitments, no matter how busy she might be.

You can read more about BLACKPINK’s global journey below.

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