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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Wore Pigtails In The Latest “BORN PINK” Concert, And Filipinos Can’t Help But Compare Her To An Iconic Local Actress

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has a new concert look that’s reminding fans of a certain Filipino celebrity! In the second day of their BORN PINK tour in Atlanta, USA, the oldest member came out on stage sporting the cutest pigtail hairdo.

Besides her adorable image, Pinoy fans in particular noticed that she resembled a famous actress in the Philippines: Jolina Magdangal. Born in 1978, she is a hallmark of the 1990s local entertainment industry in singing and acting, as well as being famous for her nostalgic teen fashion that Jisoo replicated unknowingly.

Jolina Magdangal

Check out some of the best reactions about this resemblance below!

1. When they were the queens of hair accessories

2. When fans made Jisoo look like she was dancing to Jolina’s P-Pop song

3. When Jisoo was a trending star

4. When some people couldn’t unsee their similarities

5. When they both had that sweet look to them

6. When Jisoo fit the Pinoy album cover style perfectly

7. When fans could picture Jisoo as an actress in the Philippines

8. When her Pinoy singing career seemed to already have started

9. When BLINKs set the most realistic dubs over her videos

10. When Jisoo and Jolina shared the same stylist

11. And when BLINKs did a double take

One thing is certain, they were the talk of the town for a reason!




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