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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Mesmerizes Everyone With Her Angel-Like Visuals At BVLGARI’s Event In Seoul

Something about Lisa and BVLGARI just hits differently!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa shocked fans after looking like a true angel in white while attending BVLGARI’s event in Seoul.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Since becoming an ambassador for BVLGARI, Lisa has never failed to shock fans with her visuals and aura at global events when she represents the brand.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Considering how iconic Lisa is at BVLGARI events, it’s not surprising that netizens couldn’t hide their anticipation when it was announced she was attending an event in Seoul.

Even before the event, Lisa was trending worldwide as netizens anticipated the idol’s appearance at the event.

Of course, even before the Korean media got photos of Lisa, fans waiting at the venue managed to capture the moment she left the car. It only raised anticipation as Lisa was spotted in a beautifully long and elegant white dress.

| @ppeuking327/Twitter
| @ppeuking327/Twitter
| @ppeuking327/Twitter

Of course, the Korean media didn’t disappoint; moments later, they shared photos of Lisa’s full look. Lisa was wearing a cream satin gown that radiated Hollywood glamor and sexiness as it was backless and showcased her unreal figure.

Of course, as Lisa is an idol, she also treated the media to some aegyo. Although it contrasted with the classy look of the dress, Lisa proved that she is the perfect idol by making it work perfectly.

In videos from the press, Lisa also showcased her unreal duality. One minute, she looked like the perfect model as she greeted the cameras and allowed everyone there to get the perfect shots of her.

The next, Lisa was having fun with the media and laughing along as she tried to get the perfect pose with the magnificent dress.

As always, Lisa showcases visuals and charm whenever she attends events. With so much grace and elegance, the idol never ceases to remind fans and the press that she’s also overflowing with charisma and personality.




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