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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wowed With Her Multilingual 2022 VMAs Speech, But BLINKs Noticed Something Heartwarming About Her Words

The past few days have been a whirlwind for the members of BLACKPINK and their fandom BLINKs. The members all recently traveled to America for the annual VMAs (MTV Video Music Awards), and although it was special for all the members, it was truly memorable for BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

All of the members truly shined when they walked the red carpet together. Each of the members wore outfits by the brands they are ambassadors for, including CELINE, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, and Chanel. They truly stole the hearts of viewers before the show event started.

BLACKPINK at the VMAs | @MTV/Twitter

One of the first huge moments for BLACKPINK was when it was announced that the group had officially won for “Best Metaverse Performance.”

The group also performed their newest track, “Pink Venom,” and it definitely stole the show as BLINKs and celebrities watching the performance couldn’t get enough of the group’s performance.

| MTV/YouTube

| MTV/YouTube 

Even the likes of Taylor Swift and others couldn’t stop showcasing their inner BLINK during the performance.

The reason it was an even bigger night for Lisa was that the idol won the award for “Best K-Pop” with her solo “LALISA,” and she beat out some of the biggest tracks by some of the biggest idols in K-Pop.

As soon as the result was announced, Lisa’s face was absolutely heartwarming to watch, and it was even sweeter seeing how excited the rest of the members were.

| MTV/YouTube 

When Lisa got on stage, despite being unsurprisingly overwhelmed, the idol started giving her acceptance speech in English. Despite being born in Thailand and making her career in South Korea, Lisa has always been praised for her fluency, and it was no different during her speech.

Wow, this is heavy. Hi everyone, first of all, I want to thank MTV for this wonderful honor. I want to thank all of my collaborators in my solo project, especially Teddy oppa. BLINKs, I mean, you’re the most important ones. Thank you so much for making this happen.

| MTV/YouTube

| MTV/YouTube   

She then went on to thank her members in Korean, and their reactions couldn’t be more proud as they watched Lisa holding the award.

| MTV/YouTube 

Just before she left the stage, many noticed that Lisa also thanked everyone in Thai, and it wasn’t surprising to fans who know how much Lisa adores and always embraces her heritage.

| MTV/YouTube

When the speech ended, BLINKs couldn’t hide their pride that Lisa had won the award and done her speech in three different languages to share support for everyone who’s been by her side.

Many also pointed out that the order of languages Lisa spoke was the reverse order of her journey in music. Lisa started as a young girl in Thailand, moved to South Korea to eventually debut in BLACKPINK, and finally, she won a huge award in America.

Aside from BLINKs sharing their love and emotions for Lisa and her words, throughout the speech, netizens couldn’t stop talking about how proud the members were of Lisa.

Whether it’s in her everyday life or in her music, Lisa has always shown her love for all cultures and particularly embraces her own Thai heritage. From a young girl with a dream to an award-winning superstar, Lisa continues to showcase her humility and appreciation for everything she has achieved.

You can read more about the members’ reactions to Lisa’s win below.

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