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BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Jennie Spill On What It Actually Feels Like To Be A Part Of BLACKPINK

They may be global superstars, but they’re also best friends.

BLACKPINK have just started their highly anticipated BORN PINK world tour. Although the tour has just begun, the group has already impressed fans with their stunning and unexpected stages, incredible vocals, and exciting choreography.

Jisoo | @odd_0103/Twitter

Jennie | @PaintItBlack_JN/Twitter

Of course, the tour setlist highlights BLACKPINK’s new songs from their BORN PINK album, which the members had diligently worked on for two years. As part of the promotions for BORN PINK, BLACKPINK went to LA for a pop-up shop hosted by Spotify.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé | Spotify

While in LA, the group also sat down for an interview where they opened up about everything from the unique way they relieved the stress of releasing BORN PINK to how they feel being a “part of [such a] powerful group.”

Rosé didn’t hesitate before answering that “It feels like home.”

| 102.7KIISFM/YouTube 

And Rosé added that they often spend time working together, with the goal of getting fans to “like and love what we do.”

We work hard as a group to do what we do, and we hope that the fans like and love what we do. And it seems like they’re loving it, so we’re happy about that.

— Rosé

Jennie clarified that although they all work hard together to strive to impress fans, when they’re just spending time together, they are all just having fun.

But when it’s the four of us just in person, it’s mostly fun. It feels like teenagers forever kind of vibes.

— Jennie

| 102.7KIISFM/YouTube 

There’s certainly no denying that BLACKPINK have an incredible friendship and a humble attitude despite being global superstars.

| @FYTT_LISA/Twitter

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