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BLACKPINK’s Rosé Makes a Surprise Appearance at Tiffany Event, And the Necklace So takes Netizens

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Makes a Surprise Appearance at Tiffany Event, And the Necklace So takes Netizens

Tiffany & Co. is always one step ahead with their latest fashion trends, which is the case regarding necklaces! BLACKPINK’s Rosé made a surprise appearance at an event held by the luxury jeweler earlier this month, and the unique piece of jewelry has taken netizens.

Rosé is one of BLACKPINK’s specialties, and the pink color is perfect for a summertime wardrobe. Although the necklace isn’t available to purchase, we can only hope that Tiffany & Co. will bring it back in future seasons!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Appears At Tiffany Event

With the recent Tiffany and Co. collaboration, BLACKPINK’s Rosé was the show’s star! Fans were blown away by the unique necklace that features a pink diamond necklace with a matching rose gold chain. The looks caught everyone’s attention, and as soon as photos of the necklace started circulating online, netizens couldn’t help but rave about it.

Some people are so taken by the necklace that they’ve started to ask where they can buy it, while others praise BLACKPINK for their creative collaboration. Some even claim this is one of the best things to happen to the group. There seems to be no end to the love for this adorable piece of jewelry!

BLACKPINK Fans Go Crazy For The Necklace

Blackpink fans went wild for the Tiffany event when Rosé made an unexpected appearance. The necklace is a must-have for any fan of the group, and it seems like everyone who saw it was obsessed. Some people even said it looks like something straight out of a high schooler’s diary. No matter what you think of the necklace, it’s clear that Blackpink fans are thoroughly enjoying the attention.The legendary Tiffany & Co. event by Vogue magazine featuring the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Hailee Steinfeld yielded one surprise appearance – that of BLACKPINK’s Rosé. Fans went wild for the pink and gold necklace; some even said it was their favorite piece from the night. While most people were excited to see the iconic brand associated with such a high-profile event, others took to social media to voice their displeasure with Tiffany for “glamorizing” violence against women.

Thoughts On BLACKPINK’s Rosé Appearance

BLACKPINK’s Rosé made a surprise appearance at Tiffany Event, and the necklace so takes netizens! Some of the comments on social media are as follows: “Is this real life?” “I’m so in love with this necklace” and “This is so gorgeous!”

 BLACKPINK’s Rosé has been a big hit with fans and fashionistas alike, as the jewelry has quickly gone out of stock on various online retailers. Don’t miss your chance to grab this unique piece of jewelry before it’s gone!

Comparison between BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Other JEWELRY by Tiffany

If you’re a fan of BLACKPINK, you’ll love their new collaboration with Tiffany. The global luxury brand teamed up with the K-pop group to create a limited edition necklace inspired by their latest album title track, “Rosé.”

The Tiffany and BLACKPINK Rosé Necklace are available now at all Tiffany stores in the US and Canada and on tiffany.com. The piece retails for CAD 1,950.

What makes this necklace so special is that it’s one of a kind. It features a silver chain with a pink rosé gemstone pendant. The pendant measures approximately 18mm in diameter and 10mm tall.

The colors are perfect for summertime, and the necklace looks fantastic with any outfit! Fans of BLACKPINK can’t wait to add this unique piece to their jewelry collections.

  • Comparison between BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Other JEWELRY by Tiffany:
  • Both products are inspired by the latest album title track, “Rosé.”
  • Tiffany’s Rosé Necklace retails for CAD 1,950.

Netizens Share Their Thoughts

Since BLACKPINK’s debut, Rosé has always been among the group’s most popular colors. Recently, Tiffany held an event, and Blackpink made an appearance. Several fans spotted Rosé on the girls and couldn’t help but take pictures and share their thoughts online.

Some netizens noted that Rosé looked amazing on BLACKPINK and praised them for picking a color that suits them so well. Others enjoyed the lighthearted moment and smiled delightedly at seeing their favorite girl in such a beautiful outfit.


BLACKPINK’s Rosé made a surprise appearance at Tiffany’s event on Saturday, and social media erupted with reactions. The necklace, made of Swarovski crystals, is reported to cost $180,000 and has been compared to jewelry worn by Kim Kardashian West. BLACKPINK member Jennie revealed that the group had filmed a commercial for Tiffany’s before their performance, and fans wonder if they will release the video.

Rosé’s inclusion in Tiffany’s lineup comes shortly after her solo debut EP ‘Bloom’ dropped last week.



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