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BLACKPINK’s Rosé Personally Addresses “Listening Party” Rumors With Taylor Swift

The answer we were all waiting for.

Previously, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé was spotted leaving Taylor Swift‘s studios.

As Rosé was known to be a huge fan of Taylor Swift in her childhood, everyone congratulated her on becoming a successful fan. News spread quickly, and fans began wondering if it meant that a future collaboration was in the works. After all, only Taylor’s closest circle was invited to hobnob at the studios that day.

Fans quickly speculated it to be a possible launch party or a collaboration. A little over a week later, Rosé’s most famous fansite, Récord, was able to personally ask Rosé about the matter at the airport. As they accompanied her to her gate, they asked her about various things, from her mosquito bite, to the Taylor Swift collaboration rumors.

There was a Welsh corgi outside… It sorta looked like Hank.

That was a mosquito bite. I didn’t touch or scratch it. I was so scared because it [ended up bruising]. I have a slight allergy. A mosquito allergy.

That… I think it was just a party that we had amongst ourselves. But the wrong news got out.

— Rosé

Although it was just a party amongst friends, as all parties involved are of such high status musically, it was only natural that people suspected a possible collaboration between the two. We’ll still be keeping our fingers crossed for a duet though!




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