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Fact Check: Did NCT’s Kun Serve In The Chinese Military Pre-Debut?

Kun did do a lot of things before his debut.

While many members of NCT spent much of their time pre-debut training, unfortunately missing out on many experiences non-celebrity young adults experience, one member has always stood out for the sheer amount of “lives” he lived before debut.

Kun, known to many as NCT’s Barbie — referencing how he’s had so many different jobs, just like Barbie — has always mystified fans with his ability to do, well, everything.

NCT’s Kun | SM Entertainment

The WayV leader has collected certifications like they were Pokémon and can fly planes, drive trains, skydive, is certified to fly drones, and has a driver’s license.

Kun skydiving to promote Phantom. | @kun11xd/Instagram

Kun’s activities before his debut are just as impressive, graduating from college and getting music industry experience.

Recently, netizens seemed to have “discovered” another of Kun’s pre-debut activities — serving in the Chinese army.

In a post on an online forum, a netizen shared a photo seemingly explaining Kun’s service, even saying other members also served in the army.

Kun attended the army. Military service is the duty of every man and woman in china. For a few weeks to a few months in Elementary, Middle, High School and College, you have to go. Most of the chinese members would have gone. Xiaojun and Winwin both did too. There’s also a pic of Winwin in military uniform.

— Text post by netizen

While it is common for students to take part in military training in school as part of a camp, this photo of Kun is actually from a movie he appeared in before his debut in NCT!

While Kun has done almost everything, actual military service is not one of them. He has produced and remixed amazing tracks, and you can check out one below!




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