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Chinese Celebrities Are Reportedly Getting Blacklisted For Watching BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Crazy Horse” Performance

Netizens found alleged proof of the blacklisting.

The world has been buzzing about BLACKPINK Lisa‘s Crazy Horse performances ever since her appearance was officially announced in early September.

Lisa’s Instagram story | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa’s participation is hugely symbolic, as described by Crazy Horse‘s Creative Director and Executive Producer, Andrée Deissenberg.

Because the Crazy Horse has become a symbol of the woman who is proud to be free, curious, and confident. I also think that by deciding to do this, Lisa is showing the same thing.

— Andrée Deissenberg

Crazy Horse

As the highly-anticipated performances took place from September 28 to 30, many celebrities of different nationalities were seen attending the shows to support Lisa.

10 VIP Celebrities Who Reportedly Attended BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Crazy Horse” Show In Paris

Among them, famous Chinese celebrities Angelababy and Jenny Zhang were spotted outside the venue.

As the news of their Crazy Horse attendance spread, netizens immediately started to criticize the two.

| @八酱日常/Weibo
  • I was just starting to like Jenny Zhang…
  • It’s like Angelababy even thinks Hallyu stars’ poop smells good. It’s always her.
  • Other Chinese celebrities just compete to be prettier than one another, while Jenny Zhang and Angelababy went to watch a striptease.
  • Female celebrities like them really suck up to Korea. I hope this won’t have a bad influence on their fans and motivate them to watch stripteases.

Additionally, netizens brought up the rules published by the China Association of Performing Arts, highlighting the fact that the association has stated,

Entertainers are prohibited from the following:…

4. Organize, participate, or promote illegal activities, such as those related to obscene and explicit content…

— China Association of Performing Arts

Rules published by the China Association of Performing Arts | @天呀天真蓝/Weibo

Eagle-eyed netizens also noticed that, following the news of Angelababy attending Crazy Horse, a Weibo account run by China Central Television (also known as CCTV) deleted a video of her Mid-Autumn Festival performance. This deletion by the state-run TV station further fueled the allegations that Angelababy is getting blacklisted.

Screenshot of the original post | @芒果妈妈/Weibo
Screenshot showing the post can no longer be seen | @芒果妈妈/Weibo

Angelababy, Jenny Zhang, and their agencies have not yet responded to the matter.




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