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Introducing The Rising Actress Whose Visuals Have Been Compared To Suzy And Arin

Netizens aren’t wrong, either.

There is a rising actress who has been making headlines for her stunning visuals and her resemblance to some of South Korea’s hottest female stars.

Rookie actress Lee Eun Jae | mercieun/Instagram

Meet Lee Eun Jae, the 1997-er who made her debut four years ago in a 2019 commercial for the cosmetics brand, Innisfree. Following her appearance in the commercial, she made her official acting debut in a web-drama titled Best Mistake.

Lee Eun Jae’s poster for “Best Mistake” | V Live

Ever since her debut, Lee Eun Jae has made small appearances in several other productions, such as When I Was The Most Beautiful18 Again, and Shark: The Beginning. And while her acting career is just beginning, she has a very impressive pre-debut resume.

| @mercieun/Instagram

More recently, she has an important supporting role in Divorce Attorney Shin and the movie Dream.

It was reported that the 26-year-old (international age) previously attended Chosun University, where she studied Electrical Engineering. Talk about having beauty and the brains!

| mercieun/Instagram

Not only that, but Lee Eun Jae was famous prior to her official debut for her gorgeous visuals. Her high school photos went viral online and not too long after, netizens found out that the rookie actress was previously an ulzzang (a term used for youth with excellent visuals). She was so well-known for her looks, that she even earned herself the nickname “Gyeongsan Girls High School’s Suzy.”

Lee Eun Jae pre-debut | theqoo

Yup, you read that correctly. Lee Eun Jae’s visuals have been constantly compared to one of South Korea’s hottest actresses Suzy, well before her debut.

Suzy | @skuukzy/Instagram

Not only that, but the rookie actress’s visuals have been compared to other top Korean female stars, such as Sulli,


actress Pyo Ye Jin,

Actress Pyo Ye Jin | Newsis

and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin!


What an incredible list of female stars to be compared to! We get a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Lee Eun Jae in the future, so be on the lookout for this breakout star.



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