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Designer Peter Do Explains Why He Chose NCT’s Jeno And Johnny To Model His Clothes

There was a reason the designer wanted the idols to wear his fashion.

NCT 127‘s Johnny made his fashion debut at the 2022 Met Gala by showcasing a look by designer Peter Do.

Peter Do dressing Johnny for the Met Gala. | Sam Keeler/Vogue

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno then made his fashion debut by opening Peter Do’s runway show for New York Fashion Week.

Jeno and Peter Do at “New York Fashion Week.” | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

Since the designer used two members of NCT to model his designs, Peter Do revealed why he chose the K-Pop idols in particular.

Peter Do sketching. | @doxpeter/Instagram

As Loic Prigent filmed behind-the-scenes moments of Peter Do’s New York Fashion Week preparations, they asked the designer if he felt close to Jeno in some way. Peter Do answered, “I admire how much work and dedication the artist puts into his craft.

Peter Do pointed out how much effort K-Pop artists and fashion designers put into their work, making it look easy on the surface.

No one knows how much work it takes, and I relate to that. I feel like there are some similarities between us and them.

— Peter Do

Despite being in different industries, Peter Do recognized the thread that connected them.




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