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SEVENTEEN’s The8 Wasn’t Ready For A Filter’s Prediction On When He’d Get A Girlfriend

He clearly didn’t agree 😂

Whether it’s marriage or children, SEVENTEEN‘s The8 has never held his tongue about the healthy dating life he expects himself and his fans to have. But when a filter recently predicted how soon he’d be dating, his reaction was priceless.


Having some fun on Douyin (China’s TikTok), The8 decided to try out a filter that predicted something he’d gain in the new year. With the song “Just Do It” playing in the background, he was hyped to find the answer.

When The8 saw the filter land on “girlfriend,” he was hilariously shocked.

Making fans laugh harder, The8 tried to wave the filter’s answer away, still looking shocked by the outcome.

It didn’t take long for The8’s hilarious reaction to go viral for his candid facial expressions.

After all, what were the odds he’d receive such a funny prediction?




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