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Doyoung Appreciates Fans’ Acceptance Of NCT 127’s Unique Style, But He Used To Feel Very Differently About Their Wardrobe

Johnny and Jungwoo spill on how Doyoung truly felt 😂

NCT 127‘s Doyoung, Johnny, Haechan, and Jungwoo were the most recent guests on the popular variety program, The K-Star Next Door, hosted by MC Jonathan Thona.

During the episode, they discussed their latest comeback and participated in the show’s “K-Profile” segment, where the members responded to trending keywords or phrases associated with the group.

(From left:) Jonathan Thona and NCT 127’s Haechan, Doyoung, Johnny, and Jungwoo | 디글 :Diggle

As a nod to the group’s fifth album, Jonathan renamed the segment “Fact Check” as the members cleared up “rumors” about themselves.

Early in the episode, the members identified themselves as fans of the show, particularly Doyoung, who understood the comedic element of the program, adding to Jonathan Thona’s fun on-screen chemistry with the NCT 127 members.

NCT 127 began by addressing the meaning of “Neo,” which Doyoung defined as “new,” while Jungwoo added that it can mean “trendy.”

Doyoung expanded on “trendy,” saying that fans say they “lead the trends,” which Jonathan Thona acknowledged may not be “easy,” but it’s new.

Continuing their conversation, Jonathan Thona showed the members a picture from their Limitless teaser images, asking if it encapsulates the meaning of “Neo.”

The four NCT 127 members acknowledged that the eccentric style was representative of what “Neo” is before naming their more recent “Baggy Jeans” wardrobe as another example.

NCT 127’s “Limitless” concept photo” | SM Entertainment

Doyoung admitted that after eight years, he now likes the fashion of NCT 127, adding that he appreciates that people “don’t think [they’re] weird for wearing [those] clothes.

Johnny hilariously interjected, jokingly reminding Doyoung, “You fight the most with the wardrobe team.

Jonathan Thona pointed out that Johnny’s statement seemed to contradict what Doyoung had just said, and the NCT 127 member responded by saying he was “not fighting about what [was] Neo,” before Jungwoo hilariously added that he also thought he “had seen [Doyoung] fight before.

Doyoung clarified that he likes that fans accept them, even when wearing “unique clothes,” while playfully denying that he “fights” with the wardrobe team.

Jonathan Thona and the four NCT 127 members had fun discussing various topics during the episode, including their school days.

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