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Each TXT Member Has Something Unique About Their Vocals That BIGHIT MUSIC Producer Slow Rabbit Can’t Help But Praise

TXT‘s producer, Slow Rabbit (Kwon Do Hyeong) was invited to talk about the group’s recent hit song, “Good Boy Gone Bad,” in an interview with Weverse Magazine. He focused extensively on the members and their unique traits that he noticed when they recorded in the studio.

1. Soobin

First up, the first thing that Slow Rabbit noted about Soobin was his amazing range. His high voice or falsetto added a special touch to the song that no one else would have been able to replicate.

Soobin has a fantastic falsetto. He sang the main vocals for the pre-chorus again in this song. There’s no way it would’ve been the same without him.

— Slow Rabbit

He also couldn’t help but comment on Soobin’s incredible image change for this comeback. The latter was able to pull off a bad boy concept despite being a prime example of a kind one.

He’s also got a friendly image, so I wasn’t sure if this kind of song or the facial expressions would suit him, but when I saw him practicing for live performances I realized how good of a fit it was and was reminded just how much talent and skill he has.

— Slow Rabbit

2. Yeonjun

Yeonjun, meanwhile, was once again praised for being the ace of the company since pre-debut. This time, he was given the opportunity to show off his capabilities in the highlights of “Good Boy Gone Bad.”

Yeonjun’s been unmatched in both his rapping and singing styles and expressing lyrics ever since he was a trainee. He’s the main singer for the chorus on this song, which is a first. I had a sense that it wouldn’t work unless Yeonjun was the one doing it.

— Slow Rabbit

Slow Rabbit added that Yeonjun was born with a musical instinct that was highlighted when he added the laugh track in his rap part towards the end of the song.

He’s also the one who came up with the idea to throw in some laughter while making the rap. He’s got a really good sense and feel for things and he’s good at creating a flow depending on what the song calls for.

— Slow Rabbit  

3. Beomgyu

Like Soobin, Slow Rabbit loved Beomgyu’s tone of voice. Unlike him, he was complimented on his low notes rather than his high ones. He did a particularly great job with his part in the beginning of the track.

I love the tone of Beomgyu voice. He’s especially good at low notes so I tried to give him a lot of pointers about that. For the lyrics in the intro that go, ‘Put that nail in the coffin over the word forever,’ he basically has to sound like he’s chanting. That part has to be fast and the pronunciation’s hard, so we were worried about how it could be done, but he did such a good job with it that it really stands out.

— Slow Rabbit

4. Taehyun

Taehyun is the best when it comes to singing with emotions, according to Slow Rabbit. Considering that the group is primarily known for their sentimental songs, he plays a big role in making a TXT song sound “like a TXT song.”

Taehyun’s great at conveying emotion. There’s something about his voice that makes it soft but disarming, and I think hearing that all throughout the song helps it sound even more like a TXT song. And his vocals are layered in the chorus and pre-chorus. He puts all kind of detail even into the parts people don’t notice so he’s a really good behind-the-scenes contributor and an invisible helper.

— Slow Rabbit

5. Hueningkai

Last but certainly not the least, maknae Hueningkai was complimented on his versatility. Slow Rabbit noticed that he is quick to take to any concept no matter if it is a fast or slow song.

Hueningkai’s  really good at picking up any song, whether it’s intense like ‘Good Boy Gone Bad,’ or a slow ballad, or a dance track. He’s always great at making things work right from the demo versions. And he did a really good job on this song connecting all the different parts the other members sing.

— Slow Rabbit

Finally, the producer shared a sweet tidbit about Hueningkai’s songwriting capabilities: “He’s also really good at coming up with these beautiful, emotional melodies when he’s writing.”

Check out the full “Good Boy Gone Bad” music video below if you have yet to see it.




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