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Netizens Are Losing It Over SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Bare Chest

He looks like a swimsuit model.

SEVENTEEN recently added a new vlog to their YouTube series SVT Record giving CARATs, SEVENTEEN’s official fandom, an inside look into the life of the boys while resting at a hotel in Bangkok during their Be The Sun world tour.


JunWonwoo, and Vernon took up most of the vlog with a relaxing and hilarious mukbang (the Korean word for a recorded audiovisual eating show). In the latter half, Dino, Hoshi, Mingyu, and DK blessed fans’ eyes as the camera focused on them playing in a pool.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino, Hoshi, Mingyu, and DK (left to right) | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

All the members looked effortlessly gorgeous, but Mingyu, well-known for his incredible physique and good looks, stood out, looking like a sexy model.

CARATs took to Twitter to express their appreciation for the vlog and Mingyu’s visuals.

They also couldn’t help but compare his boldness to DK’s fully decked-out swim attire, highlighting their vastly different personalities and making their friendship even more precious.

Not even the SEVENTEEN members are fully equipped to deal with the rare sight of Mingyu’s chest.

Of course, the boys also found the time to document the historic moment. SEVENTEEN just screams boyfriend material!

Watch the full vlog below. Dino, Hoshi, Mingyu, and DK start playing around in the pool at the 7:21 mark.




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