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ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Gains Attention For “Short But Sweet” Gestures To SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi At The “38th Golden Disc Awards”

SEVENTEEN and ENHYPEN stans eating good.

A short interaction between ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo and SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is gaining attention from fans!


On January 6, the 38th Golden Disc Awards took place in Jakarta, honoring a year’s worth of music and artists. Many idol groups were in attendance, including SEVENTEEN and ENHYPEN.


Each group had a successful night, with ENHYPEN taking home the award for  “Best Album Bonsang.”…

…while SEVENTEEN and BSS took home awards for “Digital Song Bonsang,”  and the entire group received the “Best Album Bonsang” and “Best Album Grand Prize.”

In addition to their performances, the groups had some interactions that gained attention.

Due to SEVENTEEN’s size, the group ended up sitting on multiple couches in the artist area, with members of ENHYPEN sitting next to Hoshi.

Fans wondered what Jungwon and Hoshi whispered about and wanted in on the joke that included Sunoo and Heeseung.

ENHYPEN were seen handing off fans to SEVENTEEN as well when the group returned to their seats, a gesture that fans loved.

Sunoo specifically gained attention for the care he showed Hoshi on multiple occasions! Sunoo can be seen turning his fans to Hoshi to try to help cool the other idol off faster.

When SEVENTEEN were announced for one of their awards, Sunoo pointed his fans at Hoshi again, keeping them on the idol as he walked with his group to accept their award.

Fans loved the interaction, even recalling Hoshi’s interactions with Sunoo before his debut in ENHYPEN.

We also love “Sushi!”



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