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EXO Fans Express Concern Over Schedule Cancellation Amid New Rumors Of Disgruntled Member

The member is reportedly not a member of EXO-CBX.

Fans are expressing concern over a schedule cancellation ahead of EXO‘s much-anticipated comeback.

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On June 28, SM Entertainment revealed that they had canceled EXO’s upcoming appearance on popular YouTube channel Dingo Music‘s Killing Verse series.

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According to the label, they had made the decision because EXO needed more time to practice their new song.

We asked to postpone the filming because the group needed more time to practice their new song.

— SM Entertainment

The cancellation came as a shock to fans because the postponement was made a day before filming was supposed to begin. According to a report, the cancellation was due to a member who claimed he would not appear for the filming. Although the identity of the member was not released, a report stated that the member is not a member of EXO-CBX, which previously feuded with SM Entertainment.

Netizens expressed concern over the news, as the group’s comeback has already been filled with hurdles.

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  • “I honestly think it’s a lie that they canceled a day before filming due to needing more practice. I don’t know what to think anymore.”
  • “Practice is just an excuse given by the label.”
  • “I think it was postponed for another reason… This is their first comeback in a while, but I am kind of getting exhausted over all these controversies.”
  • “Dingo already released another article saying it was just a postponement, you crazies, LOL. Can’t you live without criticizing EXO?”
  • “It’s not a cancellation but a postponement.”
  • “Honestly, if it was simply because of practice, there wouldn’t be this much media coverage. It’s wild that a member declined to come to a schedule.”
  • “They didn’t even release the name of the member, so what is up with the comments?”

EXO’s much-anticipated comeback is slated for July 10.

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