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SHINee’s Taemin Eagerly Updates Fans On Manager Nam Euisoo’s Love Life

After two years, Shawols finally have an update ????

After completing his military service in April, SHINee‘s Taemin officially reunited with his “soulmate” Nam Euisoo, one of the group’s beloved managers.

Now that he’s returned, Taemin is back to filling Shawols in on Euisoo’s love life, and he provided a major update to fans.

Shawols know that Nam Euisoo can hardly catch a break whenever he’s around the group members as they love jokingly ” exposing” his personal life.

In 2021, members Key and Taemin hilariously filled Shawols in on their manager’s love life, or lack thereof, when they took to Instagram to ask if anyone would be willing to marry Nam Euisoo. Taemin jokingly said that the manager was “motae solo,” a term meaning single since birth.

Later that year, Taemin updated fans and revealed that Euisoo had acted suspiciously after the maknae caught him saying “I love you” during a FaceTime call.

While the manager didn’t confirm whether or not the person on the call was a love interest, his laughter as Taemin told the story was enough to convince the SHINee member that Euisoo had finally found love.

SHINee’s Taemin Continues To Expose Their Manager And Reveals Euisoo Has Maybe Finally Found Love

Two years later, Shawols finally have an official update about what happened in Euisoo’s love life when Taemin and Euisoo appeared on MBC‘s The Manager (also known as Omniscient Interfering View).

During the episode, Euisoo showed a picture of himself from when he first began working at SM Entertainment. The Manager‘s hosts compared Euisoo’s younger visuals to an SM Entertainment trainee, which caused Taemin to eagerly expose that Euisoo had been popular when he began working at the company and got a girlfriend for the first time.

As quickly as Taemin revealed the news, he hilariously followed it with “- and then you broke up.

After the breakup, Euisoo turned to Taemin, seeking his support during his tough time. Taemin sweetly went to help comfort his manager, and Euisoo shared that they went on a walk together from Seoul Forest to the Han River.

The manager continues to have a heartwarming relationship with the SHINee members, but there was a time when he ran away from his job. Taemin hilariously “exposed” his manager by sharing the full story of his runaway manager during the episode.

Check out more on that and Taemin’s unique efforts to get him to return in the article below!

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