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EXO’s Chanyeol Has Big Plans After Being Discharged From The Military

Chanyeol said he had been thinking about it since he was in the military.

Some of EXO‘s members recently sat down on CHEN FM to listen to Chen‘s new album and enjoy one another’s company. The boys seemed more comfortable than ever with each other and were all supportive of each member’s ongoing activities.

The EXO members | EXO/YouTube

When talking about the recent adventures the members had in other countries, Suho mentioned that he had been busy since he visited 5 different counties, the US (United States), Thailand, Japan, the UK (United Kingdom), and Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)!

| EXO/YouTube

Kai then talked about a funny incident when he almost got into trouble in Uzbekistan for putting his leg up on a bench. Sehun decided to travel locally to Busan to watch the sea and pass by Gwangalli on the way there.

All the members were excited to hear what Chanyeol had planned since he had just been discharged from the military last September 2022. He shared that he was ready to work on composing new music as soon as he was free!

Even in the military, he thought of going to the US to make music, although he had never been there unless it was for work.

In the video, Chanyeol said he was going to fly out to the US the following week, which makes it likely he’s already there!

He shared that he plans on working hard with other collaborators to produce as many new songs as possible, even joking that he would try to make over 3000.

EXO-Ls will be happy to hear that Chanyeol is excited to work on new music, taking fans another step closer to a complete EXO comeback!

Watch the full video below. The EXO members talk about their recent travels at the 16:03 mark.




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