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ITZY’s Reaction To Seeing Their Manager After Returning To Korea Shows Off Their True Personalities

Reuniting with someone you’ve missed is the best feeling in the world and ITZY recently experienced this after returning from their United States tour, creating a cute viral moment.

ITZY | @ITZY_Official/Twitter

For the past few weeks, ITZY was traveling around America for their first world tour, CHECKMATE, and putting on impressive performances for their fans. Starting with their appearance during a Random Dance alongside Park Jin Young in Los Angeles, the group had a great time with fans.

In addition to stunning crowds with their talent, the group went viral for a few iconic reasons including their gorgeous visuals and wholesome reaction to fans screaming during their song “Boys Like You.”

The group wrapped up their tour in New York City, performing to a sold-out crowd of MIDZYs before heading back to Korea. Once they landed, the group showed off exactly how they felt seeing one of their managers after being away for so long!

In clips of their arrival at Incheon Airport, the group are being directed toward the exit but Yeji spots something and immediately changes directions.

The camera follows her motions and she’s shown hugging one of the group’s managers tightly, followed by Yuna and Chaeryeong joining in on the hug as the manager laughs.

A member of the group’s staff has to break up the sweet moment to direct the members toward the exit again, as the manager begins to walk with them. Even so, Ryujin can be seen giving the manager a half hug as they continue walking.

This cute moment shows how close the group are with their team and how likable the members are for the manager to react that way. ITZY’s kind and sweet personalities shine through once again!

True Personalities



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