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EXO’s D.O. Addresses A Post-Military Change Noticed By Netizens

He confirms one difference in his behavior, but it has its limits. ????

EXO‘s D.O. recently made his solo comeback, releasing a new mini-album, Expectation, on September 19.

EXO D.O.’s “Expectation” concept photo | @d.o.hkyungsoo/Instagram

To celebrate the comeback, D.O. became the first EXO member to appear on the popular variety program The K-Star Next Door, hosted by actor and TV personality Jonathan Thona.

During the episode, D.O. opened up about EXO’s group promotions in July, what’s changed since the group’s last comeback, and returning from his mandatory military service in January 2021.

Jonathan Thona (left) and EXO’s D.O. (right) | 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

Jonathan Thona jumped right into the “K-Profile” portion of the episode, where he presents guests with keywords commonly associated with them, giving them an opportunity to explain the true meaning or origin of the keywords.

For D.O., Jonathan Thona began with “K-Unleash,” explaining that the keyword was in reference to D.O. seemingly “doing everything he’s told to do since leaving the army,” according to netizens.

Specific examples included the EXO member participating in the viral “Sorry I’m Cute” challenge and wearing a popular face chain.

Jonathan hilariously asked D.O. if he went through an “emotional change” in the military, but D.O. disagreed with the theory.

He did confirm that he participated in the two trends despite not wanting to, which Jonathan noted was unusual behavior for the EXO member.

Jonathan Thona reminded D.O. that he had previously said “no [until] the end” if he didn’t want to do something.

D.O. shared that he thinks he’s “more open-minded now.” When Jonathan asked if that meant he would do “everything [he’s] told to do,” D.O. firmly disagreed. The two hilariously concluded that D.O. is “closed with an open heart.

During the episode, EXO’s D.O. gave one example of a trend he’s declining to participate in when he named a trend he “could never” see himself joining.

Check out more on that in the article below!

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