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JYP Entertainment Is Now The First Company To Have 5 Active Girl Groups, But Netizens Have Mixed Feelings

Fans are wary of the company’s ability to handle so many groups.

The K-Pop industry has long been dominated by powerful entertainment companies, each vying for the top spot in the charts and in fans’ hearts. Among the giants, JYP Entertainment stands tall with a rich legacy of launching iconic girl groups like Wonder Girls and Miss A.

Wonder Girls | JYP Entertainment

Recently, the company added another feather to its cap by being the first to manage five active girl groups at once: TWICE, ITZY, NiziU, NMIXX, and the latest, VCHA.

| JYP Entertainment

TWICE, active since 2015, has been one of JYP’s flagship groups, with a discography boasting chart-toppers and anthems loved globally. Following their path, ITZY, which debuted in 2019, quickly made a name for themselves with their powerful concepts and addicting music. Meanwhile, NiziU, the Japanese-Korean collaboration active since 2020, has bridged the gap between two massive music industries and has been pivotal in establishing JYP’s hold in the Japanese market.

| JYP Entertainment

However, the spotlight now shines brightly on NMIXX and VCHA, the newer additions to the JYP family. NMIXX, which came onto the scene in 2022, carries a significant weight with their name, symbolizing “the best combination for a new era.” Despite facing challenges, such as the departure of Jinni, one of the members, shortly after their debut, NMIXX’s journey with three single albums and one mini-album has been commendable.

Meanwhile, VCHA is JYP’s newest sensation, a global group poised to break boundaries. Formed through the survival show A2K, a collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Republic Records, VCHA is set to “illuminate” the world with their talent. With a focus on both the US and South Korean markets, the group is expected to usher in a new era of international K-Pop collaboration.

While the achievements of JYP in nurturing these diverse talents are undeniable, netizens harbor mixed feelings. With a burgeoning roster of artists, there’s growing concern over the company’s capability to manage them effectively.

Some fans lament the perceived lackluster promotions, expressing concerns that overlapping comebacks might divert attention from individual groups. These apprehensions aren’t totally unfounded, given the history of management issues K-Pop groups often face.

| JYP Entertainment


The worry is that in an effort to keep pushing forward, some groups might not receive the attention, promotion, or resources they deserve. This sentiment echoes among fans who believe their favorite groups may be overshadowed by newer or more commercially successful acts.

As TWICE is the most senior group, fans worry the company may focus on the rookies more. | JYP Entertainment

However, others argue that JYP Entertainment’s move to manage multiple active girl groups simultaneously is a testament to their confidence and resources. They believe that this strategy can provide fans with a wider variety of music and concepts, highlighting the distinct “colors” of each group.

ITZY and TWICE have already co-existed for several years. | NAVER NOW

While the company’s endeavor to manage five active girl groups is a significant milestone in the K-Pop industry, it’s evident that the journey is fraught with challenges. It remains to be seen if JYP can strike a balance, ensuring each group’s individuality and success while addressing fans’ concerns.



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