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EXO’s D.O. Gets A Surprise Instagram Comment From His “Ex-Wife” Crown Princess

K-Drama fans are in for a massive throwback!

It seems that EXO-Ls are not the only ones waiting for EXO‘s D.O. to return to Instagram!

han do 0
EXO’s D.O.

Just in time for his birthday, January 12, D.O. received countless comments—including one from his “ex-wife” from the 2018 K-Drama 100 Days My Prince.

han do 5
D.O. (left) and actress Han So Hee (right) for “100 Days My Prince” | tvN

Co-star Han So Hee was spotted in the comments section…

han do 6
Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

…being playful and reminding everyone of the incredible chemistry she had with D.O. as the Crown Prince and wife! Referring to D.O. as “hyung-nim,” the actress urged him to give the fans the update that they’re waiting for.

han do 2

Hyung-nim, post something for your birthday…

— Han So Hee

D.O. has been inactive on Instagram for 15 weeks.

Will the former Crown Princess’s dear request be enough to break the hiatus?

han do 7
The cast of “100 Days My Prince” in 2018, including D.O. and Han So Hee on the left. | @rlarlen0909/Instagram

Both K-Pop and K-Drama fans are keeping their fingers crossed, following this massive throwback to the Crown Couple times!

| theqoo
  • “Hyung-nim?! LOL. Back when she was the Crown Princess, I had no idea she’d turn out to be such a personality. Haha.”
  • “LOL, this is cute. She calls him hyung-nim?!”
  • “I’d love to see them together in a show again. I shipped them so hard on ‘100 Days My Prince.’”
  • “Hyung-nim, LOL. I hope they get cast as co-stars for something again!”
  • “It’d be great to see them on a show together. As a hyung and his dongsaeng, haha!”
  • “My ‘100 Days My Prince’ babies! I’d love to see them act together again…”
  • “This is adorable, haha!”
  • “She’s so cute. Please star in a show together again!”
  • “How come she’s calling him hyung-nim? Wasn’t he seobang-nim (husband)?”
  • “LOL. This is so cute.”
  • “She calls him hyung-nim! HAHA.”
  • “Hyung-nim?! LOL. So? Did he post anything yet? Haha.”




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