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EXO’s Suho And NCT’s Taeyong Show Their Support For Red Velvet Seulgi’s Solo…But Some Crossed Wires Happened

Unfortunate, but their hearts were in the right place.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi just released her highly anticipated solo, “28 Reasons”. Fans had been waiting for the solo for a long time. The concept was inspired by The Scarlet Witch and she pulled it off perfectly.

Of course, her fellow labelmates were fully supportive of her solo. As Seulgi had trained for a long time before officially making her debut, she is close to many idols from the same company. EXO‘s Suho showed his support via Instagram story, where he uploaded a screenshot of the song along with the caption, “Congrats on your solo debut, Seulgi.

NCT‘s Taeyong also showed his support for his noona. The two are known to be close and have even performed a special stage together during MAMA. He simply captioned his post with, “let’s go, noona.

Seulgi has been reposting all her friends who have supported her by posting stories and tagging her. She made sure to thank each and every one of them for their publicity.

Seulgi thanking her friend for reposting with the caption, “Kyaaa thank you.” | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Unfortunately, the SM boys and Seulgi had some crossed wires thanks to Instagram’s complicated system. If you don’t follow someone, you’re unlikely to see their stories unless they tag you. Both boys had forgotten to directly tag Seulgi even though they had posted her song. Seulgi came to find out about it late and uploaded a separate story to thank them.

Suho oppa and Taeyong-ah, thank you so much for congratulating me but I hope you can tag me next time LOL I found out about it too late. (You guys are) the best!

— Seulgi

What made the moment even more adorable was that Seulgi had also failed to tag them. Even though she had typed out their usernames, the lack of an underline below their usernames indicates that the tag had not gone through.

Despite the crossed wires, we’re sure the love and support they have for each other got through!



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