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The Way TWICE’s Momo Froze When She Saw A Fan’s Sign Left Everyone Laughing

They joked she needs to be reset.

TWICE stopped in Singapore for their TWICELIGHTS tour, and fans captured a moment that has them laughing.

While the other members had taken a moment to talk to the audience, Momo had spotted something that caught her attention.

It turned out to be a sign with three of their faces on it, including Mina, Sana, and her own.

But, it was the way she looked at it that had fans laughing. She stood completely still and expressionless, as if she’d stopped functioning.

Fans joked that she was simply a character in The Sims or a computer program that had stopped working.

Everyone has experienced a few moments where they’ve just had to freeze, and this was one of Momo’s.




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