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Fans Continue To Accuse SM Entertainment Of Mistreating Red Velvet After Comeback Announcement

“Not even a mid-size company is this incompetent…”

A couple of days ago, Red Velvet‘s Joy expressed her frustration with SM Entertainment to fans about the lack of communications about their comeback plans as well as their activities for their upcoming 10th debut anniversary. Shortly afterwards, the label did announce that the girl group would be making a comeback in June, but it did little to alleviate fans’ frustration. Not only does it mean that the promotional period for their new mini-album is short, but fans also accused SM of using the comeback as “damage control” to cover up the alleged NCT sex scandal that has been in the news recently.

Red Velvet | SM Entertainment

Since most K-Pop groups these days have several weeks, sometimes even over a month, of time between a comeback announcement and the comeback date, the fact that SM Entertainment’s announcement was released only a couple of days ago and there still hasn’t been an actual confirmed release date has fans up in arms over the seemingly rushed schedule.

Red Velvet’s comeback announcement, which was posted on June 4

“[Exclusive] Red Velvet, coming back at the end of June… keeping the ‘undefeated summer’ legend alive”

After nearly seven months, the group is back… and preparing to release a mini-album.

“Red Flavor”, “Queendom”, and other summer releases are popular.

“Summer comeback = success formula”?

Because there hasn’t been a confirmed date, there also hasn’t been any news about pre-orders, which is cutting things short if they really are set to have their comeback by the end of the month.

Joy (Red Velvet) | SM Entertainment

And the lack of communication between the label and fans doesn’t end there. It was only discovered that Red Velvet was filming the music video for their comeback when it was announced on Animal Farm, which Joy is currently a host of. She had to miss an episode due to filming, which they shared on the recent episode.

image (1)

“Joy, absent from ‘Animal Farm’ due to filming MV for Red Velvet’s 10th year anniversary, ‘I think I’ll miss her’.”

Joy couldn’t join ‘Animal Farm’ due to filming for Red Velvet’s 10th anniversary music video.

On SBS’s “Animal Farm,” which aired on the 2nd, MC Shin Dong Yup announced, “Unfortunately, Joy couldn’t participate in the recording because she was filming the music video for Red Velvet’s 10th anniversary mini album”.

Fans continue to be very vocal about their frustration and irritation over the situation regarding Red Velvet’s alleged mistreatment. On a forum post discussing the above issues, there were many comments from people venting their anger towards SM Entertainment.






We hope that these 10th anniversary plans for Red Velvet end up being a pleasant surprise to all the fans who are skeptical, but in the meantime, their worries are understandable.

Red Velvet



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