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Fans Expose RIIZE Eunseok’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend As A Sasaeng Of NCT’s Jaehyun

She was famous amongst the fandom.

Controversial ex-trainee Han Seo Hee was recently involved in incriminating screenshots of her alleged text messages. In the messages, she allegedly discusses being introduced to various male idols through her friend. Her friend, who is known by her online handle “The Only,” is well-connected in the idol industry thanks to her past as a Hanlim Arts student and as an alleged ex-girlfriend of RIIZE‘s Eunseok, through which she tried to broker dates for Han Seo Hee, with other idols.

Alleged Ex-Girlfriend of RIIZE’s Eunseok Said To Be The “Broker” For Han Seo Hee’s Idol Dates

After the incident with Han Seo Hee went viral, fans who had been aware of “The Only” since prior have spoken up about her past. According to NCT fans, “The Only” goes way back in terms of butting heads with the fandom. She gained her Instagram followers by allegedly pretending to be in a relationship with NCT’s Jaehyun. Although many fans have mistaken her as a fansite master or a pretty influencer who is also a fan, NCTzens claim that she simply is a regular person who pretended to be his hidden girlfriend for attention.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 5.06.45 PM

As a longtime fan of Jaehyun, I hope that the public does not try to beautify her using the terms “influencer” or “fansite master.” It is especially untrue that she is Jung Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend. All of these terms do not apply to her. Amongst NCTzens, she’s just nothing more, nothing less, than a mentally-ill person who faked a relationship with him. She called Jaehyun her boyfriend and uploaded photos pretending to be on dates with him, and even pretended to have received a handwritten letter of support from Jaehyun. She also faked having a Christmas date with him. She was faking things so seriously while fighting with the fans and continuously did all sorts of crazy things. She’s famous for that, so even Jaehyun fans have surrendered to her. I just hope that she isn’t remembered as Jaehyun’s ex, an influencer, or a fansite master, after she fought with all the fans.

— meongmungi10

Fans saved screenshots of her alleged postings about Jaehyun. She allegedly took photos at places where he did, and pretended as if they had gone out together. After fans began accusing her, she allegedly denied any relation to it, causing other people to pity her for being attacked by fans.

Her account in the past with photos of her faking dates with Jaehyun.

Other NCT fans have stepped up to corroborate. They accuse her of initially faking her relationship with Jaehyun, and using it to get famous on social media. Many fans who are not in the know thought that she was truly Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend. They speculated that thanks to her new clout, she was able to gain enough connections to eventually date Eunseok. She is also known for being from an influential family herself. In South Korea, it is easier than expected for influential figures to make connections with celebrities.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 5.05.04 PM

I’ll tell you who is The Only. She’s just a regular person who is a sasaeng and faked her relationship with Jung Jaehyun. But I wonder how she really managed to date Song Eunseok. Just how did she seduce him? There’s so many who think that she is Jaehyun’s ex, so I’m posting this. She’s not his ex and not a fansite master. She’s just a regular person who faked a relationship with him. But I think she got famous off that thanks to the rumors about her and Jaehyun, that she really ended up dating an idol for real. Just how did she manage to seduce him, is what I wonder.

— dobi_2_free

This is not the first time that fans have gotten into fights thanks to fake relationships. EXO‘s Sehun was plagued by one such fan. You can read more about it below.

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