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Fans Express Their Concern After NCT’s Mark Is Seen In Pain At A Concert

Being an idol is no easy feat. The grueling schedules and intense performances can definitely take a toll on one’s health. Many idols take breaks or go on hiatus due to health reasons. Others tough it through, worrying fans despite their passion and dedication.

NCT 127 recently traveled to Thailand for an appearance at May Concert 2023. The boys performed a perfect set to throngs of screaming fans.

Amidst the successful show, Mark was seen clutching his back in pain.

He looked like he was struggling with his breath and fighting off the pain.

NCT 127’s choreography is known to be physically taxing and difficult to pull off. Although the boys have their repertoire performed countless times, it still takes a toll on their bodies each time. With Mark’s killer schedule straddling both NCT 127 and NCT Dream, fans are highly concerned about his health.

He was also spotted tending to his back during a post-concert live stream.

With fans urging Mark to take a break for his own sake, perhaps the company will look into adjusting his schedule.

This is not the first time that an NCT member has struggled with bodily pain. Leader Taeyong is known to sustain a long-term back injury. He once revealed on a YouTube video that it causes paralysis in his legs occasionally.

I have a serious back problem. It’s so bad that I get paralysis in my legs sometimes.

— Taeyong

Hopefully, the boys get the rest that they deserve.




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