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Fansite Gets Body-Slammed And Kicked Out Of NCT 127 Concert

They had an illegal camera.

A fansite got body-slammed and kicked out of the most recent NCT 127 concert.

| @ksoomark/Twitter

NCT 127 is currently on their NCT 127 2ND TOUR ‘NEO CITY – THE LINK. Their latest concert was held on October 13 in Newark, New Jersey, at Prudential Center.

While the group performed an unforgettable show for NCTzens, the concert was not free from drama.

NCTzen eni (@ksoomark on Twitter) shared updates throughout the night. They claimed to have “witnessed someone get kicked out.”

They followed up by sharing video evidence of the incident. Sure enough, someone had, in fact, got kicked out of the concert.

Eni explained that the person got kicked out due to bringing in a large illegal camera and apparently being in the wrong seat. Still, the security guard shockingly body-slammed her before kicking her out!

Eni suspects that the person could have been a sasaeng fansite, so it was for the best they got kicked out when they did.

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