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“F*CK Live Nation PH” — Everything That Went Wrong At SEVENTEEN’s “Follow” Concert In The Philippines 

Fans who attended SEVENTEEN‘s recent Phillippine concert have called out Live Nation PH for creating dangerous situations at the show.

SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment

As part of their Follow tour, SEVENTEEN have performed across Asia for the last few months. Their latest stops were in the Phillippines, two nights of concerts in Bulacan.

| Pledis Entertainment

Fans were thrilled for the group to return, but due to actions by the local promoter, many say the first concert was unpleasant and dangerous with no fault to the group.

According to fans at the event, the troubles began early in the day, with LiveNation sending out reminders of the queuing policies, something some fans say should have happened earlier due to potential language issues.

There was also confusion about when and where the no-reentry policy would apply, as there were multiple steps to enter the venue.

This was tweeted when fans were already in line for entry and strapping, something else that was an issue before the show began. Fans waited in unmoving lines for hours, which was a concern because of deadlines set for being able to attend the soundcheck.

Other incidents were reported, including one involving a falling sign.

It seems the sound check began around the time it was stated to begin, but due to issues with the lines, fans made it inside after it began.

Line issues continued up until the show.

One fan reported their sister wasn’t allowed to go through the PWD (person with disabilities) entrance and was told that because she was not in a wheelchair, she could not enter. The fan reported that the staff said that “she looked okay,” a common discriminatory remark to those with invisible disabilities.

Next, fans in some of the seated sections of the venue discovered that the control booth area for the concert was large and provided an obstructed view of the show.

Normally, these types of tickets are discounted because of the limitation in view, and LiveNation PH did block out the sections located directly behind the booths. However, due to the size of the stage and the control area, fans in the bleacher sections still had obstructed views, paying the same price as fans with a full view of the stage.

| Pledis Entertainment

The show’s standing area also reported problems. According to fans, these sections were too tightly packed together to move, and there was a significant lack of staff. Fans’ requests for water were also not fulfilled, and outside water was not allowed inside the venue.

Photos shared show the pit areas to be overly filled, with limited space near the back.

SEVENTEEN’s concert was sold-out. | @manilaconcerts/X

At one point during the show, SEVENTEEN asked for water to be given out to fans out of concern. It is worth noting that temperatures were in the mid to high 80s Fahrenheit throughout the day, with humidity above 70%.

Fans also expressed concerns for the next night of concerts after a row of seats separated from the concrete, with no apparent announcement from Live Nation regarding those seats made yet.

While fans loved seeing SEVENTEEN again in the country, many are upset with Live Nation PH over the multiple safety failures and issues throughout the event.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan also suffered from health-related issues during this show, which you can read more bout below.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Unexpectedly Leaves Concert In The Philippines Due To Health Issues




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