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Female Fans Touched Inappropriately By Male Security At Fansign Event In Jakarta, Sparking Outrage

There were multiple issues during the event.

Many fans who attended WayV‘s recent fansign event in Jakarta have reported several serious issues.

WayV | SM Entertainment

On January 22, WayV returned to Jakarta, Indonesia, for a face-to-face fansign event. Fans were excited to see the idols, and many shared cute fan accounts immediately after the event.

| Lumina Entertainment

However, in the days following the event, fans took to social media to express their concerns about how the fansign unfolded.

To start, fans who won the fansign opportunity were supposed to have albums signed by the members. Instead, over 100 got unofficial banners signed, with Lumina Entertainment, the event’s promoter, releasing a statement taking responsibility and offering a refund of the album.

The banner fans received to be signed. | @SLOM83014476/X
| Lumina Entertainment

Hello, this is Lumina Entertainment.

To all fans, Lumina Entertainment apologizes for the inconvenience that occurred at the
‘WayV On My Youth Face to Face Album Sign Event in Jakarta’ due to problems in the fan sign album distribution process, which caused some fans to experience unpleasant problems.

Through this statement, Lumina Entertainment states that all forms of negligence that occurred during the event were purely our negligence and had nothing to do with the artist and artist management.

Lumina Entertainment will provide full refunds to fans for the album that was supposed to be signed during the event. We will inform you of all refund processes and refund deadlines via the email used to purchase the album.

Once again, we apologize profusely to all fans, the artist, and the artist management who feel aggrieved.

Thank you.

— Lumina Entertainment

Many female attendees also discussed the actions of a male security guard positioned at the end of the table. In videos and photos shared online, the security guard can be seen touching and pulling on fans as they speak with Yangyang.

| @BellaKimDK/X
| @lolelavico/X 

Some of the fans were pushed and pulled away by their clothes, and several wearing cropped clothing stated the guard touched their bare waists.

| @berryzennie_s1/Instagram

Muslim fans wearing hijabs were also not spared from the unsolicited touches. In Islam, women are not to be touched by men who are not related to them closely by blood or marriage, something that most in the country (which is nearly 87% Muslim) are likely aware of.

| @mittew_/X

Fans shared their negative experiences online, demanding that the promoter take more responsibility for what occurred. Many have also called out the local service that supplied the bodyguards.




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