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Filipino SEVENTEEN Fans Tear Up Over Story Of Deceased CARAT Who Was Able To “Attend” Recent Concert

SEVENTEEN recently held their two-day Follow concert in Bulacan, Philippines.


In a viral thread posted on Twitter (X), Filipino CARAT @WeShipAndWeSail detailed the story of her deceased friend, Mon, who was still able to “see” the group in person. A fellow CARAT, the latter passed away before she was able to fulfill her promise of watching SEVENTEEN’s concert with her friends.

Last year, a very close friend of mine died. She was a new CARAT and before her last few moments, [SEVENTEEN] was one of her strengths. We promised to watch their concert together. Only, she wasn’t able to hold out long enough for Follow tour.

— @WeShipAndWeSail

A year later, they pushed through with their plan to attend SEVENTEEN’s Follow concert in the Philippines. To their surprise, there was no one in the seat beside them despite the venue being packed. They expected the ticket owner to show up in the middle of the event only to realize that it was empty until the end.

And last night, for some reason, the seat beside us was empty. All throughout the concert, nobody sat there. And it was the only vacant seat in our row.

— @WeShipAndWeSail

They believed it to be a coincidence, as if the soul of their late friend was able to attend the concert of their favorite K-Pop group with them.

Coincidence, maybe? I don’t know. But I’d like to believe that it was her who came to watch with us.

— @WeShipAndWeSail

The original poster added a message to Mon, saying that she “tried to scream” as much as possible on her behalf.

Hi, Mon! I know you watched me sobbed half the concert last night since most of the songs they performed were your favorites! I tried to scream as much as I could and enjoyed it like I promised you I would!

— @WeShipAndWeSail

She ended with the heartwarming statement, “Hope you got a good view last night with us. We promised to watch together after all, didn’t we?”

The viral thread was ‘liked’ over 26 thousand times within just a day.

Filipinos expressed their sadness at Mon’s passing, tearing up after hearing that she was still able to attend the concert somehow.

SEVENTEEN performed in Bulacan from January 13-14 at the Philippine Arena.




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