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Former NCT Member Lucas To Open Personal Bubble Account; Netizens React

Reactions are extremely mixed.

After being on hiatus from NCT since August 2021 — nearly two years — due to gaslighting accusations made against him, Lucas‘s departure from the group was recently announced in early May.

Lucas | SM Entertainment

To some people’s surprise, however, he would not be also leaving SM Entertainment, but was said to be instead preparing to debut as a soloist. This led to extremely mixed reactions, with some people elated to hear that he would be returning to the K-Pop industry while others were just wishing he would disappear.

And now, it seems that his preparations to debut as a soloist are getting more serious, as it was just announced that he would be opening his own personal account on the fan app Bubble on June 7.

And once again, reactions from netizens to this announcement are highly varied. He still has plenty of dedicated fans that are ecstatic to start to hopefully hear from him more regularly again, who seem to be overwhelmingly commenting on the Twitter post about it.

But not everyone feels this way. On a public forum post about the announcement, the comments were overwhelmingly critical and disappointed in SM Entertainment’s continued support of the K-Pop idol.

There isn’t yet a set date for Lucas’s solo debut, but it seems like it might not be too far in the future based on these recent developments.

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa




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