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NCT Jaemin’s Twerking Sends The Internet Into A Meltdown, And It’s The Best Kind Of Chaos

Fans weren’t the only ones having a meltdown ????

From powerful vocals to solid stage presence, many moments from NCT DREAM‘s THE DREAM SHOW2: In YOUR DREAM concert caught fans’ attention. One in particular sent fans into a meltdown over Jaemin and soon turned into laughter from the members’ reactions.


For whatever reason, Jaemin couldn’t pass up the chance to show off his twerk skills. Fans weren’t the only ones caught off guard by how well he did.

The group immediately hyped Jaemin up, with members like Renjun twerking as well. Jisung quickly turned it into a funny moment by grabbing onto Jaemin and stopping him from dancing. That wasn’t the end of the fun, though.

Keeping the chaos going, Renjun rolled down the stage while Chenle showed off his powerful rockstar vocals.

The whole scene had so much going on that fans couldn’t help joking about it, creating viral posts.

NCTzens couldn’t resist making memes out of the funny moment, either.

Leave it up to Jaemin to kick off the fun dance break and let the rest of the members turn it into the funniest kind of chaos.




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