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Girls’ Generation Tiffany’s Alleged Stalker Shares “Disturbing” Content, Sparking Fear For The Idol

He has apparently been following her for multiple years.

Fans are asking Sublime to act after discovering content from Girls’ Generation Tiffany‘s alleged stalker.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany | Sublime

On February 3, Tiffany was scheduled to attend a meet-and-greet session for Samsung Galaxy Space in collaboration with Dive Studios. However, her event’s meet and greet portion, where she was to sign posters for fans, was canceled.

Tiffany still toured the story and greeted fans, but many were left wondering about the reason behind the cancelation.


Sublime shared a statement soon after, promising to take “continuous legal action” against cases that infringed upon artists’ rights, safety, and interests.

| Sublime

This is Sublime.
Sublime is committed to taking continuous legal action against illegal cases involving the infringement of the rights, saftey and interests of our affiliated artists such as malicious slander, spreading false information, and acts of defamation related to our content.
We will take stern action towards malicious actors based on evidence collected through monitoring,
and throughout this process, there will be no leniency or compromise under any circumstances.
We sincerely appreciate the generous support and interest from our fans.
Sublime will continue to make every effort to protect the rights and secure safety of our affiliated artists.
Thank you.

— Sublime

Fans linked this to an alleged stalker’s content shared before the event and were left horrified by the discovery.

The alleged stalker shared several videos discussing an alleged partnership with Tiffany, saying that she stole from his niece, among other things. Much of his content is about digital coins and finance, and the partnership was alleged to help Tiffany make money this way.

The videos are a bit hard to follow as he speaks ramblingly. However, following the event, he attempted to explain his side, mentioning that he thought Tiffany was “punishing” him and that the pair had a closer relationship, calling her his “soulmate” and saying she did many things to make him jealous.

We’re just fighting, we’re just this is, this is, I…she does this cause I don’t want attention and she has decided she wants me to go viral.

— Alleged Stalker

His rants also went in a sexual direction, speaking about her privates in a vulgar fashion.

Now Tiffany is trying to pretend like ‘oh I would, I was never dating this guy, or probably friends with’, I don’t give a sh*t. It’s possible she was like ‘pretend to say that we’re dating so he’ll get jealous cause that’s also what Tiffany does. […] All this bullsh*t is totally worth it because you’re my soulmate, and the one, and you look hot all the time.

You gotta understand something. I’m all about laying the pipe on Tiffany. I want nothing more than to lay pipe on Tiffany. If Tiffany wants me to swear fielty to the Joseon creed before God and her family so I can get my fingers wet on the regular…on her Grade A prime San Francisco Beef punani , I’m all for that.

— Alleged Stalker

He also shared that Dive Studios told him not to attend the event and were aware of him. On February 12, the alleged stalker shared an “apology video” saying he was saying whatever Tiffany wanted him to and switched to calling her by her real name, Stephanie.


After some digging, fans found that the same person also allegedly posted somewhat explicit content he said was Tiffany and said that she chased him for “years,” though this was later removed.

Deeper diving showed that the alleged stalker harassed other women in the technology industry and was known as Corncobro. Searching that as a hashtag will reveal more of his previous content.

Fans have compiled all of this information and requested that Sublime take more steps to protect Tiffany from this alleged stalker.

There have been more than one instance where stalkers have hurt or even killed the stars they claim to love, the reason why fans are trying so hard to bring attention to this situation.

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Girls’ Generation



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