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Red Velvet’s Joy Gains Attention For Her Response To Being Criticized About Weight

It’s something idols face regularly!

Red Velvet‘s Joy has gained attention for her comments about being criticized about your weight.

Red Velvet’s Joy | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Since debuting, Joy has always gained attention for her unreal beauty.

Recently, Joy appeared as a special guest MC on the show Animal Farm.

Considering it was the Lunar New Year, the celebrities on the show were talking about family gatherings for the holidays. During the episode, Joy showed a menu that had a list of what families would complain about, including weight, and explained that it’s something everyone could relate to. In particular, it is a huge issue within the K-Pop industry.

I am sure you all will be able to relate to this, ‘Oh you’re pretty now but you would be even prettier if you lost weight.’

— Joy

Yet, as expected, Joy hit back at the criticisms, adding, “I’ll lose weight on my own,” which was referring to the fact that she was in control of her image and didn’t need others to hit back at her unnecessarily.

While it may have been for a script on the show, the fact that Joy was so open about the issues of weight, especially considering the stigma in K-Pop, unsurprisingly earned her a lot of praise. When the clip was shared online…

Netizens couldn’t hide their reactions to the confidence in Joy’s voice. All idols have been subjected to comments about weight, and Joy is no exception, with it becoming a hot topic at the end of 2023. For netizens, Joy is absolutely beautiful and by speaking about weight and the stigma behind looking a certain way, it unsurprisingly gained praise.

Comments from family is something a lot of people have experience with, but Joy’s words cement that you don’t need to take it on board and you can focus on your own wellbeing rather than being shamed.

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