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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Gives Unexpected Shout-Out To Jessica Jung

Girls’ Generation fans have hope!

Today, Hyoyeon held a live broadcast. During it, she not only said she was anticipating a Girls’ Generation comeback but also unexpectedly gave a shoutout to former member Jessica Jung.

This moment sent Girls’ Generation fans into meltdown. We never imagined hearing Jessica mentioned. As OG fans know, Jessica was kicked out of Girls’ Generation by SM Entertainment, and the company has since acted as if she was never a member. Hearing Hyoyeon mention her makes it seem as though the world might finally be healing.

Yet, some netizens debated what provoked Hyoyeon to mention Jessica. Some theorized it was someone’s username. Others pulled out the receipts, showing screenshots of a viewer who had commented Jessica Jung’s name in Hangul.

Either way, Hyoyeon surely knew what she was reading and chose to draw attention to it anyway!

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