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Here Are Red Velvet Joy’s Top 10 Essentials She Keeps In Her Purse At All Times

She reveals her favorite skincare, perfume, and more.

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently did the “What’s In My Bag?” challenge and showed all of her favorite things she keeps in her purse everywhere she goes. Check out her must-haves below!

1. Custom Bag

First, she shares her favorite go-to bag. The bold purse from TOD’s creative director is a perfect match for Joy’s style — and of course, it says her name in huge letters!

2. Perfume

Her two current favorites are “Lipstick Rose” from Frederic Malle and “Unnamed” from Byredo. If you enjoy heavy and dramatic scents like Joy, you will love these!

3. Shoes

Joy’s obsessing over TODS loafers because they’re the perfect classic shoe for any fall outfit.

4. Massage Gun

She raved about her Power Plate massage gun because it’s lightweight and convenient.

5. Amino Acids

As per recommendation of her Pilates teacher, Joy drinks Amino Acids whenever she’s feeling tired for a boost of energy.

6. Airpods

Joy’s green Airpods were gifted by a fan so she cherishes them a lot! She even named them “Greenie.”

7. Film Camera

Recently, Joy enjoys taking film photos on her Yashica T4 for a vintage feel.

8. Gua Sha Tools

As a lover of health and massage, Joy recommending some of her favorite massaging tools.

She got some of her recommendations from the aesthetic clinic she goes to.

9. Sleep Socks

These socks from Don Quijote feature a cute character on them.

10. Skincare

As an ambassador of vegan cosmetic and skincare brand Athé, Joy has tried out all of the products and brought her favorites. She loves the Ampoule serum that helps remove blemishes and restore skin condition…

…as well as the hydrating lip balm that she often wears with minimal makeup.

Watch the full video below.

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