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SEVENTEEN’s Jun Proves He Is Collecting NCT Members As He’s Spotted Out With Johnny

SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and NCT‘s Johnny were spotted hanging out together recently, proving that the members of the two groups really are the best of friends.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun | @junhui_moon/Instagram

NCT’s Johnny | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Jun and his fellow SEVENTEEN member The8 are known to be besties with Chenle, Renjun, Kun, and most of the Chinese members of NCT.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 and Jun with NCT | @djxiao_888/Instagram

Jun and Chenle in particular have always let fans in on their chaotic interactions. Since Chenle is one of the most unfiltered K-Pop idols, fans have gotten to hear many funny stories about their friendship. Recently, for one, he spilled on how he invited Jun to the NCT DREAM concert—but then forgot to reserve a ticket for him.

NCT’s Chenle (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Jun (right) | KHCHENLE/Weibo

Earlier this year, he also hilariously complained about how Jun didn’t know his surname…

| @onlyjunhui/Twitter  

…and then hilariously told on him to Kun.

NCT’s YangYang also revealed he has a truly chaotic relationship with Jun. Besides exposing himself (and all their mutual friends) by revealing that no one answers Jun on the group chat, YangYang has also proven he makes a hobby out of teasing him.

Renjun, on the other hand, might be one of Jun’s gentler friends in NCT, as the two of them were seeing enjoying their day off together on a cute hiking date.

And now, Johnny has joined Jun’s collection of NCT buddies. The two of them were spotted out together at Konkuk University on October 24, where the lucky fan who met them managed to get both of their autographs.

They took netizens by surprise with their unexpected friendship, despite the fact that SEVENTEEN and NCT are known to be close.

Seeing as this particular pairing seemed to come out of nowhere, fans hilariously questioned what they even discuss together…

…coming up with some amusing theories.

While Johnny and Jun may not be the combination of SEVENTEEN and NCT members fans imagiend, the math does seem to be mathing.

Fans have gotten plenty of interactions between Jun, Chenle, and other NCT members—now they have interactions with Johnny to look forward to as well, which opens up a whole new realm of chaotic possibilities…



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