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Here’s All The “Proof” That Caused Fans To Suspect SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Is Dating TXT’s Stylist

Couple items, limited edition boots and more.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and TXT‘s stylist have been swept up in rumors. It started when she answered an Instagram question in a now-deleted story. She confirmed that she has a boyfriend through the story and even featured a picture of a teddy bear that fans suspect was given to her by Vernon. Here’s the “proof” gathered by fans regarding the couple.

A fan uploaded the so-called evidence through a Twitter thread.

1. Boots

Vernon was spotted wearing these boots at the airport. The unique design was eye-catching, and fans recalled that the TXT boys had also sported the design.

The boots are not for sale but specially designed and made by TXT’s stylist. Fans were suspicious of the fact that Vernon got his hands on them.

2. Similar tattoos

They both have tattoos that are different in size and design, but sport a similar shape. The stylist has hers down her arm.

On the other hand, Vernon’s mini tattoo was spotted behind his ear. The similar sparkle design raised suspicions.

3. The same movie

Both of them posted about the same movie on their socials.

The movie is Moonrise Kingdom, an uncommon movie for many in the first place.

4. Couple items and rings

According to fans, the two have many overlapping items. From necklaces to rings, the two have been spotted with the same items.

Fans also claimed that Vernon moved a ring that he used to wear on his index finger to his fourth finger. He switched the position back to his index finger during performances.

They also have matching hoodies.

5. The teddy bear

Lastly, the teddy bear in question. Vernon was spotted lugging a bear back from his overseas schedules.

The stylist posted a similar-looking bear with the same white sweater on her story. She answered a question about her relationship status with “yes.”

No party has made a statement yet since the rumors blew up, but fans have been responding with mixed feelings. Most are supportive of the relationship, being happy for Vernon.




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