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How Joshua’s American Friends React To SEVENTEEN’s TV Appearances

He shared what their text messages say.

Proving their global popularity, SEVENTEEN has traveled overseas more than a few times for their world tours and TV appearances. They’ve even expanded their reach by appearing on shows like The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

SEVENTEEN with comedian Nicole Byer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” | @JimmyKimmelLive/Twitter

Since Joshua and Vernon grew up in America, where those shows air, it’s only natural for people they know to see them on the big screen. During his Weverse Magazine interview, Joshua revealed how his American friends react.

Joshua | @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

Appearing on those shows was a dream come true for Joshua. He said, “It feels great. I always wanted to go on these shows, but I never imagined it would happen for real.

| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

Joshua’s friends were just as excited by the news. He revealed, “I got messages from my high school friends in the States: ‘You were on the show? Amazing! Congrats!’ Like that.

| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

Although it was happy news for everyone, it reminded Joshua to be careful with his words as one of the group’s English speakers. He added, “The things I say could be a reflection on SEVENTEEN, though, so I feel like I have to be responsible.

| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram




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